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World Interaction Design Day 2020

World Interaction Design Day 2020 - IxDD20

We’re thrilled to be part of World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) on September 29. This year we partnered up with the four well-known Dutch UX communities: Ladies that UX Amsterdam, Ladies that UX Utrecht, Amsterdam UX and Amsterdam UX Cocktail hours - Let's celebrate World Interaction Design Day together!

Join the Dutch IxDD20 live stream on September 29th from 20:00-22:00 hours.
This virtual event will include presentations, Q&A, networking, and more. We have three excellent talks around this year's theme 'Culture and Sustainability':

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More about the talks

Getting banks on board

PCAF- Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials - is a nonprofit organisation setting up a carbon accounting standard for financial institutions
What has happened developing materials and the website for PCAF and how did we manage to get more - and larger - financial institutions on board.
By Evert Albers (freelance designer for PCAF).

Key takeaways

  • Understand what carbon accounting is (spoiler: it's less complicated than you think) and why it is an important first step
  • Show some predictable but also some unexpectedly effective ways to get big organizations on board
  • Show how you can easily create a complicated document in Chinese without actually understanding the language

Designing Cultures

By now most people know about design as a process, specific methods and tools and the importance of being human centered. However, this is only one perspective on design. In this talk I will try to make the case for the importance of a designing culture. I will argue that all society needs a culture based on design far more than the solutions professional designers have to offer.
By Marcel Zwiers (CDO at service design agency 31Volts).

Key takeaways

  • Design is in the service of people. Full stop.
  • Designers need to design transformations (not products / end points)
  • Design is for everyone. (Just like management can be applied to doing groceries)

Beyond Gender Binary Experience

Constantine and Alexandra take a critical look at the current state and the future of inclusion when it comes to gender and cover the intersection of culture, design & business. The talk is based on the research and their own experience working with big consumer brands, that both produce and sell multi-category/multi-gender products.
It gives a critical view of the cultural aspect of how inclusive brands/products are, provides a view on societal and historical aspects of how did we get here and gives a deep dive into how design and product teams can approach it when building inclusive user & customer experience, that goes beyond the usual Male/Female definitions.
By Constantine Gavrykov (Global UX Director at Intersport) & Alexandra Popova (Sr Product Owner at Adidas).

Key takeaways

  • What is the state of gender in user experience in Fashion and Performance Apparel? The good and the bad.
  • Why it is important to address gender-inclusion at this moment as a brand in general and as truly customer/user-driven product teams
  • What toolset, approaches, mindset should be in place to make sure that it finds its way in more or less conservative organizations

Agenda Dutch IxDD stream

20:00 Intro IxDA NL & Friends
20:10 'Getting banks on board' by Evert Albers
20:40 'Designing Cultures' by Marcel Zwiers
21:20 'Beyond Gender Binary Experience' by Constantine Gavrykov + Alexandra Popova
21:55 Closing & Networking

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And be part of this special Dutch IxDD20 evening, we are looking forward to seeing you at World Interaction Design Day!

Check out the complete program of Europe and other regions around the world for IxDD20 on the global IxDD live stream page.


IxDA Nederland is fortunate to have the following partners at this year’s IxDD, the well known Dutch UX communities; Amsterdam UX, Ladies that UX Amsterdam, Ladies that UX Utrecht and Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours. They help select the submissions for this pan-EU IxDD streaming event & will co-host the Dutch live stream.

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